[Shorewall-users] 1.3.7c deb problem?

j2 spamfilter2@mupp.net
Sun, 8 Sep 2002 17:18:49 +0200

> I'm not where I can access a Debian box -- check shorewall.conf though; I
> suspect that STATEDIR is being set differently than in prior versions.

Its set like this

# Set this to the name of the lock file expected by your init scripts. For
# RedHat, this should be /var/lock/subsys/shorewall. On Debian, it
# should be /var/state/shorewall. If your init scripts don't use lock files,
# set -this to "".


# This is the directory where the firewall maintains state information while
# it is running


so which is the right "debianized" way?