[Shorewall-users] SMTP Problem URGENT

Gilson Soares g.soares@datacraft.com.br
Tue, 03 Sep 2002 11:05:27 -0300

At 9/3/2002 04:43 AM, AMIT PATEL wrote:
>Respected Sir,
>Sir  I have Problem with mail server.
>1) I installed Shorewall firewall on my mail server. i gave rules in 
>firewall below.
>ACCEPT          net       fw            tcp     smtp
>ACCEPT          net       fw            tcp     993
>ACCEPT          net       fw            tcp     143
>ACCEPT          fw        net           tcp     smtp
>ACCEPT          fw        net           tcp     993
>ACCEPT          fw        net           tcp     143
>ACCEPT          fw        loc           tcp     smtp
>ACCEPT          fw        loc           tcp     993
>ACCEPT          fw        loc           tcp     143
>ACCEPT          loc       fw            tcp     smtp
>ACCEPT          loc       fw            tcp     993
>ACCEPT          loc       fw            tcp     143
>ACCEPT          loc       fw            tcp     25
>ACCEPT          loc       fw            tcp     110
>ACCEPT          fw        loc           tcp     25
>ACCEPT          fw        loc           tcp     110
>2) I not able to send mail from outlook . it Going in sent mail , but not 
>going outside. and also local mail same problem.same problem with yahoo 
>mail ,hotmail mail i m try to send mail from that but i m not recieving 
>mail. but when i am do clear shorewall i am able to send recieve mail.
>3)its Shows me in mailq so how to solve problem?
>Please Help me in this , i am very greatful to if you will help me in this .

To troubleshoot this, in your policy file, all REJECTs and DROPs must be 
logged. Then go to /var/log/messeges and check it which port it's being 
blocked ("grep Shorewall /var/log/messages|grep -v ACCEPT").