[Shorewall-users] SSH access to firewall

Hugh McGuirk hugh.mcguirk@propylon.com
Thu, 23 May 2002 17:54:25 +0100

I've just set up a basic ppp firewall/router for my office where initially i
want to let everything from LAN to Internet and firewall, everything from
firewall to internet, but nothing in from the internet

It all seems to work fine accessing the internet.

However, i am unable to ssh to my firewall machine, "connection refused"
I can ssh from my firewall to the LAN,
I can ssh to itself ( to both Localhost, and its own internal ip ).

Also, while playing with the iptables rules, clearing out, adding my own
etc, i found that once i had esablished an SSH connection from a LAN machine
to the firewall, and THEN restarted shorewall with my earlier setup, the
already established ssh connection remained fully functional. So i believe
sshd to be working.
But again, no further connections could be made : "Connection refused"

Although i think i tried both enabling and disabling the 'auth refuse'
example rule, maybe i didnt, might this help?

Any ideas are much appreciated!