[Shorewall-users] Followup to Square One posting

Paul Gear paulgear@bigfoot.com
Wed, 08 May 2002 06:11:09 +1000

John Andersen wrote:

> ...
> > P.S.  John, try "rpm --rebuilddb" sometime and see if that gives you
> > anything different.
> Not necessary, I checked on the CDs direct from SuSE.
> That is not the name they use in their distro for the
> kernal package.

Fair enough.

> ...
> Besides, if you download the kernel source from kernel.org
> or somewhere and build a 2.4 kernel on a 2.0 machine
> you would still be blocked from installing the RPM because
> the rpm database would still say 2.0.
> The running kernal should be detected with uname -a instead
> of what the rpm database says.

I think if people are going to do that, they should have to install the tarball
version.  If you're going to use RPM, you should do it right.  You can always
override with --nodeps.  (Incidentally, did anyone suggest that you try that?)