[Shorewall-users] Is there a way?

Zachariah Mully zmully@smartbrief.com
19 Jul 2002 14:58:31 -0400

Perhaps I am reading this wrong, but couldn't you simply reject all
outbound port 6667, configure your IRC client to use a different port,
and then add a rule to your firewall to forward that traffic to port
6667 on your external interface?


On Fri, 2002-07-19 at 15:02, Rogan Lynch wrote:
> Sorry for resubmitting this... My FW blocked my getting any responses for 
> the last week... (oops..)
> Hello Tom (et al).
> I have a fairly straight forward question. Is there a way (without 
> installing a SOCKS Firewall) to use an outbound port 6667 blocking rule to 
> curtail trojan connections while (with client side reconfiguration) still 
> allowing IRC?
> Thanks much,
> Rogan 
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