[Shorewall-users] Direct ppp connection

Nigel Ball nigelb@enesbe.com.au
04 Jul 2002 23:38:23 +1000

I have a suspicion that this is not really a shorewall issue but would
appreciate any guidance that is forthcoming.

I have shorewall 1.2.10 configured to allow net access and to establish
a secure ipsec VPN with Smoothwall at the other end. This was achieved
by following the excellent example configurations and some reference to
the documentation.

I also have a direct dial connection from the firewall to another
machine (SCO) using ppp and this works from the firewall itself. The ppp
if is configured (by SCO) to a local address and a remote
address of (configured as a host nnl)

Relevant extracts from my config are:

loc	Local
nnl	NNL	Remote SCO server

loc	eth0	detect	routestopped
-	ppp0	-	routestopped

nnl	ppp0:

Help will be appreciated,

Nigel Ball
Enesbe Sales