[Shorewall-users] pasv ftp

Christophe Zwecker czwecker@sysctl.de
22 Jan 2002 12:19:17 +0100


ok it works if I let shorewall pass the params, however I noticed fxp
doesnt work. There is a patch for the ip_conntrack_ftp module, tho not
for recent kernels. I wonder if there is anything shorewall can "do"
about it. 

Or maybe someone got the patched module for 2.4.16 ?

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On Mon, 2002-01-21 at 15:41, Tom Eastep wrote:

> Er -- just how do you think ip_conntrack_ftp knows that port 24562 is
> unless you tell it? 
> In /etc/modules.conf (or whatever your distro calls it), add:
> options ip_nat_ftp ports=21,24562
> options ip_conntrack_ftp ports 21,24562
> And, you will have to unload/reload those two modules.

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