[Shorewall-users] shorewall configuration

John Beckert jayjay1@mediaone.net
Sat, 12 Jan 2002 15:51:06 -0500

	Hello users,

      I'm new to this iptables and shorewall and trying understand how it
works. Currently I'm using ipchains till I can figure this out. Would rather
use iptables. I'm running redhat 7.2 as my server which host my firewall and
masq's for my internal network. The internal network consist of 2 pc's. My
internal network is on eth1 ip of The server it self is . I run a www server on the firewall which is on eth0 and ftp,
telnet, pop3 and smtp also whixh is only accessable to my internal network.
I like to have the internet accessable only to my internal network. I use a
pop3 and smtp server from my isp as well. Does anyone have a similiar setup
as this and possible to see the configuration so I can figure this one out?
Any help is greatly appreciated.