[Shorewall-users] FTP !!

Tom Eastep teastep@shorewall.net
Wed, 9 Jan 2002 06:52:55 -0800

On Wednesday 09 January 2002 05:13 pm, T.Q.Huy wrote:
> Dear Shorewall-Users,
> I am a newbie with Shorewall .
> After install Shorewall 1.2.2 ,everything work OK except FTP :they
> tell connection time out when connect to internet ,but to my DMZ is
> OK.
> I check my config many time but i gave up.Pls help me some opinions.

Are you getting any Shorewall messages logged?
Is your problem that you can't connect or do you connect ok but can't do=20
commands like get and ls?
What does the output from 'lsmod' show?

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