[Shorewall-users] passive ftp transfers on non standard ports

Niclas Andersson nic.a@home.se
Mon, 07 Jan 2002 22:18:28 +0100

In ICQ there is an option to enter your own ports for transfers. It's under 
Main, Preferences and Connection. And with those known ports it's easy to 
configure Shorewall. From there you shoud get it to work, otherwise contact 


At 21:45 2002-01-07, Steve Estes wrote:
>and MSN. I don't know if ICQ can do file/voice transfers through firewalls
>or not. My friend and I are currently both behind shorewall firewalls so we
>are working to get FreeS/WAN to connect our two networks together in one
>happy WAN at which point we believe the MSG/AIM connections will once again