[Shorewall-users] passive ftp transfers on non standard ports

jos not to know by everybody macaronipizza@hotmail.com
Mon, 07 Jan 2002 21:01:23 +0100


I got a machine running RH 7.2 with shorewall 1.2.0, connected to a cable 
modem and my home network.

when i used the standard configuration file's for two interfaces, it worked 
like a charm, But (there is allways a but) i got 2 things iam trying to 

1. i dont seem to be able to use ftp passive transfer when using 
non-standard ports (ie:  an ftp server on port 9000).

2. MSN file transfers.. i cant send myself, but i can receive.

is there a solution to these problems?!?

Jos Houtman

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