[Shorewall-users] Shorewall GUI interface.

Cowles, Steve Steve@SteveCowles.com
Wed, 14 Aug 2002 16:23:13 -0500

> > Although I think the addition of a GUI (or web based) 
> > config tool would be good for shorewall -- some of us
> > semi ole-timers (that have been using vi for 20+ years)
> > will never change.
> > 
> > What's my point??? My warped sense of humor aside... I
> > hope shorewall will still allow us to either manually
> > edit the config files -or- use a GUI.
> > 
> So long as LEAF users are a sizable percentage of the 
> Shorewall family, I think we must continue to support
> config files.

WHEW!!! I feel better now. Thanks LEAF users.

If I could add my two bits to this discussion, my main complaint about GUI's
is the programmers of these GUI's never allow me to add comments on why I
made a particular entry. Why is this so important to me??? Six months from
now when I take a look at a customers rules file (for instance), I'm not
asking my self "Why the hell did I add this entry?" or "WTF is port 1984
used for?" By manually editing the rules file, I can add comments like the
date I made the entry along with notes about the application; even WEB links
to the applications web site that discusses how to run this app behind a

Well that's my two bits.

Steve Cowles