[Shorewall-users] redirect virtual webservers

Goetz Reinicke goetz.reinicke@filmakademie.de
Tue, 30 Apr 2002 09:13:21 +0200

Paul Gear wrote:
> Magnus Stenman wrote:
>>Goetz Reinicke wrote:
>>>Magnus Stenman wrote:
>>>>>internal web servers, but how to handle the different virtual names??
>>>>The virual namebased ones will work fine.
>>Client looks up "www.virtual.server", gets a cname to your external IP.
>>It connects (this gets forwarded to the internal web server) and
>>tells the web server that it wants pages from "www.virtual.server"
>>(the Host: www.virtual.server HTTP header)
>>web server returns pages.
> Interpretation: this has nothing to do with Shorewall.  It is handled in
> your web server configuration.

I wasn't interested in how the webserver handles virtual servers ;-) but 
how to setup redirect of the requests to one public ip to multiple 
namebased virtual internel web serves.

But I think, I'll try ip aliassing and something of that kind..

Thanks anyway!


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