[Shorewall-users] redirect virtual webservers

Goetz Reinicke goetz.reinicke@filmakademie.de
Mon, 29 Apr 2002 20:14:57 +0200

Magnus Stenman wrote:
> Goetz Reinicke wrote:
>>on a internal test webserver I have different namebased virtual
>>webservers. Ther is an A record om my DNS system for the main server,
>>and CNAME records for the virtual servers.
>>Now I'm thinking of a public webserver also with virtual namebased
>>servers. What I need is to redirect incoming http(s) requests to the
> https will require one public IP per virtual server
> (unless you run on different ports)
>>internal web servers, but how to handle the different virtual names??
> The virual namebased ones will work fine.


> To do this you'll need a reverse proxy or similar.

What is needed for that? is this possible with shorewall, if so how?

> You need to inspect the HTTP request, and look at the
> Host: header to know which server to redirect to.


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