[Shorewall-users] redirect virtual webservers

Cowles, Steve Steve@SteveCowles.com
Mon, 29 Apr 2002 08:59:43 -0500

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> From: Goetz Reinicke 
> Sent: Monday, April 29, 2002 8:06 AM
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> Subject: [Shorewall-users] redirect virtual webservers
> Hi,
> on a internal test webserver I have different namebased virtual 
> webservers. Ther is an A record om my DNS system for the main server, 
> and CNAME records for the virtual servers.
> Now I'm thinking of a public webserver also with virtual namebased 
> servers. What I need is to redirect incoming http(s) requests to the 
> internal web servers, but how to handle the different virtual names??
> The same, iff i have multiple physical webservers?? how do I redirect 
> requests to e.g. web01 ( and web02 (
> my Firewall has an A record, the webservers will have CNAME 
> records, but private IPs in my DMZ. So Any Hints or working
> configs??
> A rule like
> ACCEPT    net    loc:    tcp    80    -
> would only handle _one_ Webserver, am I right??


But unless you have multiple public IP addresses assigned to your firewall's
external interface, I think you'll find your limited to running a single
physical WEB server configured for name based virtual hosting. That's what I