[Shorewall-users] ftp works in a strange way.....or....

Goetz Reinicke goetz.reinicke@filmakademie.de
Sat, 27 Apr 2002 09:53:43 +0100

Paul Gear wrote:
> Goetz Reinicke wrote:
>>I added IP_FORWARDING="on" in the shorewall.conf and have the following
>>rules for ftp:
>>ACCEPT  fw      net             tcp     ftp
>>ACCEPT  fw      local           tcp     ftp
>>So can anynone explain to me, why my ftp clients are allowed to connenct
>>to ftp-servers at the internet??
> What is your loc -> net policy?  If it's accept, then they can get there
> without needing any rules.

:-) RTFM *bangingheadagainstthewall*

default rule:

local           net             ACCEPT

So that means also, as I have enabled IP_FORWARDING, I have to disable 
some services and ports I dont want by special rule in the rule file!? 
(e.g. news)


In my rule-file I have rules like:

ACCEPT  local:      net     udp     ntp
ACCEPT  local:      net     tcp     domain
ACCEPT  local:      net     udp     domain

so with the default policy in mind, are dns requests rejected from other 
hosts to the Internet, or do I have to add a rule like

DROP   local   net   udp   ntp,domain
DROP   local   net   tcp   domain

Thanks for help.


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