[Shorewall-users] Burn Out

Tom Eastep teastep@shorewall.net
Fri, 26 Apr 2002 09:36:23 -0700 (PDT)

I think that the time has come for me to back off a bit from my
involvement with Shorewall. I just don't have enough cycles (or energy) to
keep up the pace of the last several months. As a consequence, I'm going
to do the following:

1. I'm going to stop personally supporting the entry level tools (samples 
and quick start guide). 

These tools are a source of constant frustration to me because they are
never up to date and never seem to meet people's needs.  My goal for
Shorewall was to make it usable in complex and changing environments (the
problem space where Seawall failed so miserably and where my true
interests lie).  I think that I have succeeded, but adapting Shorewall to
the expectations and capabilities of people who want a shrink-wrapped
firewall that they can install in a few minutes requires motivation which
I simply don't have.
If someone wants to step up and support these tools, I would be grateful.  
Should there be a volunteer, I will continue to integrate the tools into
my web and ftp sites.

2. I'm abandoning work on the Shorewall GUI

Every time that I sit down to work on the GUI, I find something more
interesting to do. I frankly don't care enough if Shorewall has a GUI to
expend the energy to write one and it is time that I admitted that fact to
myself.  This is not to say that I don't support fully the efforts of
folks like John Lodge who are working to provide a GUI; I'm simpley not 
going to build one myself.

3. I'm going to monitor the list must less closely.

I appreciate any help all of you can give me to help pick up the slack.

I want to make it clear that I am in no way abandoning Shorewall or my
commitment to it. I am just going to focus my energy in those areas where
I have interest and where I think I can make Shorewall better.

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