[Shorewall-users] Shorewall webmin module

John Lodge JML@redwoodtech.com
Tue, 23 Apr 2002 09:54:11 +0100


Thankyou for your reply. 

I certainly hope that when the module is finished and released, it can be
included in
the webmin distribution. I will find out who to contact to try to ensure
that this happens.

Meanwhile I will carry on with the development. I already have made
significant advances
since I prepared the development release


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John Lodge schrieb:
> Attached is a development version of the Shorewall webmin module.
> It is very much work in progress, and most functionality is not there yet.
> What I am working on is trying to ensure that
> the config files are stored in the correct order.
> My reason for posting it at this stage is to let people know that
> is happening, and also to ask if I am
> heading in the right direction. I have a considerable amount of work to do
> and would appreciate comments to ensure that
> what I do, is what you want.


I have tried the webmin module and I think you're going in the right
direction. Do you think it will be possible that the shorewall module
can be included in the standard Webmin distribution? There are many
modules around which are not included and became quite useless because
they don't fit to current webmin versions. I hope it will not happen
with the shorewall module.


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