[Shorewall-users] Netbios

Simon Turvey turveysp@ntlworld.com
Mon, 22 Apr 2002 22:52:46 +0100

MessageDrew (who posted a few days ago) is my partner in crime in a setup
not dissimilar to this.  If I shout loudly enough he might hear me and chip
in with some info on how we accomplished a successful ipsec/samba/nat
combination for the Windows machines on our networks.  This permits SMB
share browsing across the different workgroups hosted on servers that are
quite some distance apart.

As Tom said, you really need to do this using a VPN.  Any other way is jolly
insecure and will definitely lead you to the dark side (as well as pollute
your cable segment with hugely annoying NETBIOS traffic).

Drew!  Are you there?!


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I am on a LAN and my IP is obtained via DHCP, which my linux box then routes
to my own little lan.  Is there a way for Netbois connections to get trough
the firewall and have access to all the PC's on my little lan connection?
Or can i just route port 139 to the desired ip on my own lan?