[Shorewall-users] Parameterized Samples Withdrawn

Pascal DeMilly list.shorewall@newgenesys.com
09 Apr 2002 10:23:32 -0700

I agree with Tom that the samples as they are right now are setting the
wrong level of expectation as he puts it. I think one issue most people
new to firewalling (apart from setting the basics) is to know what to
block or allow depending of the protocols/services used.

I think a great service to all would be to have a contrib directory
where people give examples of their rules configuration for allowing or
disallowing a particular service.

People could then copy those rules into their rule file and change the
zones accordingly. I think that will be more valuable than what the
current samples do. Let's face it, we all need to open pinholes in our
firewall at some point. We just need to make sure they are not too big.



On Tue, 2002-04-09 at 09:20, Jim Hubbard wrote:
> Now this sounds good.  Anything that makes it easier for newbies to just
> pick it up and use it is good (I like the Webmin module too).  The Linux
> community should move away from the whole "you must learn the hard way
> before you're worthy" idea.  Can you imagine that kind of thinking from MS
> or Apple?
> All of us reading this list have already expended far more effort to learn
> Linux than Joe Sixpack ever will.  But the fact is, we need Joe to come on
> board if we want Linux to continue to grow.
> Sincerely,
> Jim Hubbard
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> > Furthermore, (so that we are all starting from the same page) I would like
> > to see an "initial" install script for shorewall that prompts for basic
> > network design parameters similar to how the "firewall in a box"
> > manufactures like netgear, linksys, etc... do.
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