[Shorewall-users] Parameterized Samples Withdrawn

Patrick D. Flahan pflahan@iteamsolutions.com
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I can't attest to the overall quality of it, but you can check out
"Linux Firewalls Second Edition" written by Robert L. Ziegler and
published by New Riders.  It does cover iptables in some detail as well
as some other security related topics.


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> Ok, I'm posting again,
> I still don't get what the big deal is for "newbies" (of which I
> consider myself one).I can certainly understand where most are comming
> from, I hate the fact that I sometimes have to read 20 pages of faqs
> find a basic setup (examples speak 1000 words - thanks tom). It's nice
> to be able to utilize someone else's work or have it work right out
> box.

I regret introducing the 'newbie' term.  As I indicated earlier the
I'm concerned about is the need for a firewall on the part of inexpert
people with very simple needs (one PC directly connected, no services

I'm sorry if I've caused confusion.  I agree entirely that if anyone
to do anything fancy, then they must learn the rules.

- Richard.
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