[Shorewall-users] Re: Parameterized Examples Withdrawn

Francesca C Smith ladylinux@covad.net
Tue, 9 Apr 2002 10:21:19 -0400

Here's my two cents worth ..

Its my opinion that a firewall is a lot more than just Net-filter,Shorewall
and  Linux et all ... A firewall running properly on a misconfigured and
opened up Linux box in my opinion is a dangerous thing more so cause of a
false sense of security. Threats change daily folks and if you don't know
what is truly going on under the hood you wont be able to respond quickly.
Vi and a term session runs most anywhere on minimal hardware if your pager
goes off .. In my case the parameterized examples actually made a bigger
mess on my system than me actually taking the time to understand the very
powerful and complex Net-Filter architecture. Once I learned (Mostly from
posting my troubles to this well moderated group) I would say im much better
for it. I say a misconfigured firewall is like handing a baby a loaded M-16
to play with .. its not a good thing and a help to hackers not a real

Now how about that beer,

Francesca C Smith
Lady Linux Internet Services