[Shorewall-users] Re: [Shorewall-announce] Parameterized Samples Withdrawn

Simon Matter simon.matter@ch.sauter-bc.com
Tue, 09 Apr 2002 08:00:39 +0200

Hi Tom,

What about a "Wizard" for the "must run quickly"?

I have configured quite a number of shorewall firewalls and I have made
the first with the two interface sample. The problem was that it was not
so easy and I heavily modified the parameter sample to achieve what I
needed. So I can say I really understand your desicion.

When I started with the next firewall, I took a look at your own
configuration and easy figured out what I have to do. The doc was then
easy to understand.

Now, I think one good solution was to provide and easy to use firewall
configuration script which does create useful shorewall configs. It
could be really limited in funtionality like all those "personal
firewalls" out there on WinDO$.
So any new user can just create an initial firewall with the wizard. For
anything else, he has to modifiy the generated config by hand after
reading the docs.


Tom Eastep schrieb:
> Although the parameterized samples have allowed people to get a firewall
> up and running quickly, they have unfortunately set the wrong level of
> expectation among those who have used them. I am therefore withdrawing
> support for the samples and I am recommending that they not be used in new
> Shorewall installations.
> -Tom
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