[Shorewall-users] Shorewall-users Webmin module progress

John Lodge JML@redwoodtech.com
Mon, 8 Apr 2002 08:41:45 +0100


I am making good progress on the shorewall webmin module, and I hope to have
a pre-alpha version of
most of it available by the end of this week.

The oustanding areas are mainly in dealing with the rules file in a sensible
way and sorting out the acl's.

The plan is to have a mode of operation where you simply use webmin to edit
each of the configuration files
in turn and the code will ensure that the files are editted in the correct
order where appropriate. The
other is more ambitious and will involce a higher level view of what the
firewall is required to do and I will
then attempt to construct a set of confifuration files from this
information. I have not yet come up with
a way to present this higher level interface and any ideas will be
appreciated. It is quite likely that the first
version will not have this mode working.

As one of the two modes of operation will be to present each of the
configuration files as an icon
which you click to edit that file, I need an icon for each file. Any
artistically inclined people out there
who can come up with webmin friendly icons for each shorewall file would be

Tom, I have assumed that I can remove the last line comment of each file
during edit, and replace it at the 
end without any disasterous results. Can you confirm? 


John Lodge