[Shorewall-users] Need help with IPSEC, net view and shorewall

Alois Schneider alois@sillian.com
Fri, 05 Apr 2002 22:49:07 +0200

--On Donnerstag, 4. April 2002 23:37 +0200 Alois Schneider 
<alois@sillian.com> wrote:

> The tunnel is up and running fine, I can ping to from the
> XP-Box. When I try to do a "net view \\" there, I get a
> systemerror 53 networkpath not found. I don't see any "Shorewall"
> messages in the logs.

I finally found the error: WinXP has the following default-setup in
DUN:  Client for MS networks -> disabled and NetBios over TCP/IP ->
deactivated After correcting these settings it works.

But now, there is another problem: after some time of inactivity, the 
tunnel stops working. If I restart ipsec, the tunnel works again.

On the mailing list Tom Eastep wrote the following on Feb. 16:
> You need UDP port 500 and protocols 51 and 51 open to this user's
> system. After a period of inactivity, either end of a VPN tunnel can
> suddenly become active; if iptables connection tracking has timed out
> the connection and the remote end is the first to speak, you will see
> problems like you describe.

Where do I have to open UDP port 500 and protocols 51?

Thank you for your help