[Shorewall-newbies] Migrating a firewall from old hardware to new

Chris Evans chris1 at psyctc.org
Sat Mar 6 15:38:43 PST 2004

On 6 Mar 2004 at 14:01, Tom Eastep wrote:

> > So my first question (yes, I have been through the sequence of
> > changes in the FAQ) is:
> >
> > what is likely to have be changed in my config files?
> Did  you look at the Upgrade Issues page
> (http://shorewall.net/upgrade_issues.htm)? That would be the best
> source of information about what the pitfalls of this upgrade would
> be.

I did, had the distinct impression from comments elsewhere in your 
documentation that there were changes that weren't included there.  I 
realise that seems unlikely and I'll go through it again and see if I 
can put my finger on the particular things that I thought weren't 

> If the BT device is truly a router then cycling the power on it should
> cause it to refresh it's arp cache.
What's the alternative to a router and can you point me to anything 
that might help me establish this as I have the distinct impression 
that debugging a transfer if you can't get the arp cache issue sorted 
might be difficult and this is a firewall protecting a running system 
so I can't afford for it to be offline for hours.

> The crawling access to the dmz from the local network would have
> nothing to do with arp caches.
Thanks, that was my impression.

> > And my final question is:
> > Am I better ditching proxyarp and going for SNAT/DNAT combination
> > for both loc and the dmz?
> No. Crawling access between two local networks is usually a driver or
> hardware issue (although mis-matched MTUs can also contribute).
I don't think it's hardware or drivers as I can use all three of the 
ports on the machine fine in standalone fashion.  MTU = ?

More generally (repeat _NO_ rush on these questions) would you 
recommend ditching proxyarp and, if so, how/why?  Again, I had the 
impression from one thing on your site that you were recommending 
moving away from proxyarp (problems with collisions with 
FreeSWAN/tunnelling?) but another thing seemed to suggest there were 
no problems other than the cache issue.

Thanks again.  Hope you or others can continue advising me Tom,

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