[Shorewall-newbies] 2 IPs and Three Interface firewall

electro jacs electrojacs at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 3 09:58:47 PST 2004

Hello list

I feel by my ingles, it is not my native language, it uses google to 
translate this. I speak spanish
>2.  But it is impossible that a single client in the LOC has an IP
>publishes formed in his network card ( 200.x.x.195 ) ,  he happens that the
>client is distrusted and does not believe in redirections  ; -)  .

You can use Proxy ARP for that.
I configure my SHOREWALL: NAT, Proxy, ARP correctly, (that seems) but now, I 
have a question:  when I configure an IP (200.x.x.195) in the LOC ( ARP ), 
The trafic in this IP also is affected by the rules of firewall ?
and if that happens, since I make to allow all traffic clean without the 
rules of firewall?


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