[Shorewall-newbies] ip aliases

Wahid Belhaouane wahid at meteo.tn
Wed Mar 3 07:10:21 PST 2004

I installed shorewall , wonderful , everything is ok.
just i want to understand how to do something:
i have in my local network 3 networks on the same interface eth1 (eth0
is the external interface)
c: and and are gateways for other

i executed the commands:
ip addr add brd dev eth1 label eth1:0
ip addr brd dev eth1 label eth1:1
and edit the file hosts as:
loc    eth1:
loc    eth1:
loc   eth1:
and edit the file interfaces as:
<space>  eth1,,
(shorewall tells that the last line (interface file) is wrong: i don't
understand why) : 1 st question.
2 nd question : in witch startup file shall i put the "ip addr add...'
commands , i use redhat 8.0.
Wahid Belhaouane.

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