[Shorewall-newbies] cant seem to ping after shorewall stops

Tom Eastep teastep at shorewall.net
Wed Jan 21 14:25:22 PST 2004

On Wednesday 21 January 2004 02:18 pm, Suresh wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I have been tryin out shorewall. I was able to ssh into n ping from my
> windows machine to my Linux Box till i installed shorewall. Now even if i
> stop shorewall, I cant seem to ping or ssh into the Linux box.

Please see http://www.shorewall.net/starting_and_stopping_shorewall.htm -- the 
"shorewall stop" command places Shorewall in a "safe" state where the only 
connections allows are to/from those hosts listed in 
/etc/shorewall/routestopped. If you want to remove all effects of Shorewall, 
the command you want is "shorewall clear".

> The Linux 
> box is on the network and can ping the windows box though.Lemme know if
> yall have any ideas..

Which QuickStart Guide did you use to set up your Shorewall configuration? 
Have you verified that you followed each "red arrow" step correctly? Where is 
the Windows box? Local Zone?

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