[Shorewall-newbies] I Love Shorewall

Thomas Svenson lists at nutshell.nu
Wed Jan 21 19:44:32 PST 2004

Lyvim Xaphir wrote:
> Thanks for Shorewall..

Dito from me.

I have used Shorewall for about six months now. First just configuring using
the Mandrake Wizard, but now skipped the Mandrake package and done it from
ground up. Had to do this since I couldn't get Proxy-ARP working with their

I knew very little about firewalls and everything else included in that
before. But thanks to good documentation, a well designed application I
managed do make it work almost perfect without to much problems. The final
piece fell into place after a quick respond from Tom last night on the users
list. That was to skip logging packets to a port that caused more than 80%
of the logging from Shorewall.

Now it works just perfect for the current needs. My logs are very easy to
read and my LAN is as secure it can be. Yeah, I know that nothing is 100%,
but it is much more secure now than before, and I only need to administrate
one machines firewall, not several.

So, a big thanks from me too to Tom. Shorewall is a great product.


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