[Shorewall-newbies] Initial Multiple IP setup

nkjbox at internetgruppen.dk nkjbox at internetgruppen.dk
Wed Jan 14 08:30:47 PST 2004

My understanding of routed versus non-routed is this:

If you have a subnet of you own, your net is routed. E.g: is a routed net with a netmask of
Broadcast address is and the network address is

This leaves usable addresses in the range 161-174, one of these is the
routers IP.

If the same network was non-routed: E.g

Consider if was a non-routed net with a netmask of

This leaves me the same range of usable IP's, and the router IP can be
anywhere in the 1-160 or 175-254 ranges. The non-routed scheme saves 2
IP's. The broadcast address and network address can be set up in many ways
depending on the choise of the ISP.

In other words, if your gateway (router) IP is inclusive in your IP-range,
you have a routed net.

Bill, did it help? Tom, was it correct?

Best regards,
Niels Kristian Jensen

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