[Shorewall-newbies] Newbie - How to open range of RTP ports

Tom Eastep teastep at shorewall.net
Sat Jan 10 19:02:24 PST 2004

On Sat, 10 Jan 2004, Francesca C. Smith wrote:

> Don't think it would help for me to warn about whats the point of a FW if you
> open up big ranges of IP's .. This really needs another scheme and this stuff
> to be allowed and run in the DMZ .. but ..

The safety of opening a port range rests solely with how the host to which
they are forwarded treats those ports. If the only thing that binds to
those local port numbers is the asterisk server then the safety is totally
dependent on how will that server is written. This is the same as any
internet server in my view...

Feel free to jump in if you want to comment....

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