[Shorewall-newbies] 3 local network interfaces

Niels Kristian Jensen nkj at internetgruppen.dk
Tue Feb 17 01:01:55 PST 2004

shorewall-newbies-bounces at lists.shorewall.net wrote:

>   I´m having problems configuring a DMZ subnet. 
> I have 3 public web servers and we want to:

> redirect all local traffic from the local network to the DMZ subnet

  one of you PC's on "loc" interface wants to contact one of the 
webservers on the "dmz" interface?

Which IP does the PC on loc have?
Which IP does the webserver have?

Do you have a rule permitting the loc zone to contact the dmz zone?

Best regards,
Niels Kristian Jensen

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