[Shorewall-newbies] One range and 2 network adapters

mollo mollo at club-internet.fr
Fri Feb 13 11:40:49 PST 2004

Hello List,

This is surely not a Shorewall issue, but permit I post my problem.

Assume my ISP gave me 32 Ips : 

I've _not_ other IP's, like a DSL router in another network!

Netmask: = 27  
Network:          (Class C)
Hosts/Net: 30       

I would setup a 3 card Firewall :

eth0:   (net)

eth1:   (dmz)

eth2: 192.168.x.x  (loc)

What's the way to have a correct routing between eth0 and eth1 without splitting in subranges ? If there is a solution.

If I define my card  like follow :

eth0: gateway .97
eth1: gateway .98

This is not correct because the two cards are setup to cover the whole range and so they don't correctly route between them.

Thanks a Lot


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