[Shorewall-newbies] Accounting help

obones obones at meloo.com
Wed Feb 11 16:40:59 PST 2004

Hi all.

My ISP provides free traffic between users and only charges for download 
from sites outside the network
It provides a detailled counter but I want to count the traffic on my 
side to see if there are any differences.
I then did that in the accounting file:

internal:COUNT    -        -        -    -    -
internal:COUNT    -    -        -    -    -
DONE        internal
external:COUNT    -        ppp0            -        -    -    -
DONE        external

Now when I type shorewall show internal external, I get the traffic 
counted which is great.
But I'm a bit surprised with the value for external. Is it only the 
traffic that didn't match the internal chain ? because the value I get 
for external seems a bit strange, always lower than the internal (i'm 
doing peering on the internal network), but way to big anyway (like 20M 
in 10 minutes) while I'm quite sure I don't download that much..And the 
difference between internal and external is almost always around 5 M.
ppp0 is the ADSL modem (1500/256), and the IPs I put are IPs that are 
deemed to be internal. I get an IP from one of these ranges when I connect.
What I would like to do is count the traffic from those two IP ranges as 
internal and everything else as external.

Thanks for your help.


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