[Shorewall-newbies] specific log-prefix

xavier list.shorewall-newbies at natch.dyndns.org
Tue Feb 10 13:16:22 PST 2004


I'd like to log with a specific log-prefix,
for each of my rules....

say  :
ACCEPT<10/sec:20>:debug fw      lan:$ntp_servers      udp 123

would give : 

ACCEPT<10/sec:20>:debug fw      lan:$ntp_servers      udp 123 - - - - ntp

or something like that...

i want to add a logprefix : "ntp". 
(or anything else, like irc, ssh, ntp, or names like xavier...
i want it arbitrary)

is there an easy hack to do ?

the result would be : 

Shorewall:fw2lan:7:ACCEPT:ntp:IN= OUT=eth0 SRC= DST= LEN=76 TOS=0x10 PREC=0x00 TTL=64 ID=27174 DF PROTO=UDP SPT=123 DPT=123 LEN=56

the benefit would be that it's easier to parse for the eye...



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