[Shorewall-newbies] Zaurus, USB masquerading

Stefan Kreisberg stefan at kreisberg.dk
Mon Feb 9 20:06:06 PST 2004

Hi list,

I am about to deploy the two-interface guide which I have previously been 
running with great succes on another machine.

My question is: In addition to the two-interface I have an USB device: 
Sharp Zaurus SL-5000 PDA that I'd like to configure to be masq'ed as I do 
with the local network. Can that be done? If yes, could someone provide me 
a hint on how to make it happen?

The Zaurus comes with a default configuration of IP address, GW but ofcourse everything is 
configurable on that side also...

I guess I should add the usb device to my zones file, and I've on previous 
installs also managed to make the SSH server available by adding rules 
between usb and fw for ssh, so thats simple. The big issue is how to 
forward outgoing traffic from the USB zone like I do from the Local 
Network zone ...?

I welcome any ideas and would like to say thanx for the greatest firewall 
tool ever made!!!

In a World without Fences - who needs Gates?
Geek by Nature - Linux by Choice!

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