[Shorewall-newbies] Change of eth0 ip address

Garrett Johnson garrettj at annalee.com
Mon Feb 9 10:40:04 PST 2004

Not sure if this is a Shorewall problem but....

We're setting up a new proxy/gateway with Shorewall.  We have a multihome=
d 3
interface network with a eth0 network and a eth1 netwo=
rk and
external is connected through a router at  We've been runnin=
g this
setup within MIS for about a week and everything has been working great. =
decided to go live with the new proxy so we downed the old proxy on 10.1.=
1.1 and
changed the ip of the new proxy to  After doing so DN=
S would
not resolve through the new proxy server but I was getting no reject noti=
ces on
the shorewall status page.  The internet was still working as we have a f=
external machines running and they were working.  I grepped the shorewall=
and was not in any of them.  I restarted shorewall.  I restarte=
d the
shorewall service.  I rebooted.  None of these changed the fact I couldn'=
t get
DNS.  I suspect the routing/gateway on the machine but everything looks g=
ood and
when I do a traceroute it goes right to the internet.  I don't even see t=
he proxy
in the traceroute which I found odd.  I am Masquerading though so I think=
 this is
the reason why.  I also seem to be going to a strange 172. address.  Hope=
this is enough information to provide a clue.  Thanks for your help.


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