[Shorewall-newbies] FTP problem

Tom Eastep teastep at shorewall.net
Mon Dec 22 13:28:05 PST 2003

On Monday 22 December 2003 01:10 pm, gregory wrote:

> >
> >You will need both the conntrack and the nat module and you need to
> > configure them to use port 7121 -- have you done that?
> Yes, I've all done this.
> I installed them using:
> insmod ip_conntrack_ftp ports=21,7121
> same for the nat module.
> Still no go.

And what do you see if you try to use a line-mode client in debugging mode to 
connect to your server and do a directory listing? Are there any Shorewall 
log messages issued when you try this connection?

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