[Shorewall-newbies] Duplicate Interface, Shorewal 1.4.8 on RH9

Lars Brouwer Lars.Brouwer at synergy.co.nz
Wed Dec 17 16:59:22 PST 2003

Good afternoon,

I need some help getting the Shorewall up on RH9.0

When trying to start Shorewall I receive the following error:
>Validating interfaces file...
>   Error: Duplicate Interface eth0

When looking into my /etc/shorewall/interfaces file  there are only two

>net   eth0    -
>loc   eth1

I am running Shorewall version
>Linux version 2.4.20-8

Shorewall show log produces only one line
>Shorewall-1.4.8 Log at FW - Wed Dec 17 14:01:38 NZDT 2003

Any ideas where this interface duplication could be coming from?
Your help is being appreciated.


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