[Shorewall-newbies] Port Forwarding with Shorewall

Francesca C Smith fsmith at ladylinux.com
Mon Dec 8 16:47:03 PST 2003


Really .. It would have been better if Mandrake had never heard of
Shorewall .. I would just rpm --erase shorewall-"version" .. Delete the
/etc/shorewall directory .. and Use the "Clean" rpms from shorewall.net

On Mon, 2003-12-08 at 16:34, Tom Eastep wrote:
> Matthew -- you missed the large warning to Mandrake internet connection
> sharing users on the Shorewall home page. That warning points out that
> many of the examples in the Shorewall documentation won't work for such
> users because Mandrake decided to include an empty "loc" zone with the
> real local zone called "masq". This has the swell feature that the
> examples in my documentation generally don't cause a startup error on
> Mandrake -- they just don't work :-(
> -Tom
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