[Shorewall-newbies] H323 and videoconferencing

gregory aeon at pandora.be
Mon Dec 8 19:56:51 PST 2003

Alex Martin wrote:

> Hello,
> I searched at www.shorewall.net for netmeeting:
> Found FAQ #3:
> 3. I want to use Netmeeting or MSN Instant Messenger with Shorewall. 
> What do I do?
> Answer: There is an H.323 connection tracking/NAT module ( H.323 
> connection tracking/NAT module) that helps with Netmeeting. Look here 
> (http://linux-igd.sourceforge.net/) for a solution for MSN IM but be 
> aware that there are significant security risks involved with this 
> solution. Also check the Netfilter mailing list archives at 
> http://www.netfilter.org.
> Does this help? I am not familiar with h323. But I am happy to help 
> you work through it. Apparently, there are many different applications 
> that use variants of the definition.
> Alex Martin
> http://www.rettc.com
Yes, I have read the FAQ so I'm fully aware of it. But it involves 
patching iptables and recompiling the kernel. I'm sure there must be an 
easier way of doing this.

And I've searched the internet only to find out a lot of people with the 
same question but no real solution.


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