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Have you tried looking at this doc:  http://www.shorewall.net/standalone.htm


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I'm trying to set up shorewall 1.4.8 on an (rpm based) linux 2.4 (ie 
system.  The box I'm trying to set up has a static IP and has both a
local network (10.100.200.x) and internet access through a 
( via the same NIC.

I basically want to block off access to that box except for certain
ports (80, 22, 20/2, ping/traceroute and a few others) from the local 
and DOS (rate, ping-of-death etc) protection + allow https (443, 
logging and rate clamping) from the internet.

I've tried using the sample two-interface setup as a starting point, but
I get

    Error: Unable to determine the routes through interface eth1

when shorewall startup gets to "Masquraded Subnets and Hosts:"

I'm guessing that the two-interface setup is meant for a system with
two NICs, but I'm at a loss how to configure the above starting from
the one-interface sample.

-dean takemori

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