[Shorewall-newbies] firewall setup error help! please! asap

Francesca C. Smith fsmith at ladylinux.com
Sun Dec 7 22:04:57 PST 2003


> Ok. The policy file you have created makes most of your rules
> obsolete.
>  >loc             net             ACCEPT
>  >net             loc             ACCEPT
> the above allows all traffic between your loc and net zones!!!! thus, 
> any net2loc or loc2net rules are useless. This is a good way to get 
> hacked. If you had windows boxes in the loc zone, I bet they did get
> hacked.
>  > # remove the comment from the following line.
>  > fw             net             ACCEPT

Lets be fair .. Looks like some one with out a clue set this up ( The
Original Person not Sterling  ) .. And this is newbies .. (I would grab
at least the two interface examples and work from there)

And yes .. lose all the shorewall files .. reload .. slash and burn .. 


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