[Shorewall-newbies] H323 and videoconferencing

gregory aeon at pandora.be
Sun Dec 7 23:17:29 PST 2003

I know this topic has been tackled before. I've searched the 
mailinglist. But I can't figure it out.

Can someone give me the rule set to allow h323 connections from and to 
another computer? I don't really care, I know I'll be punching huge 
holes in my firewall.
Right now I have this in my rules file:
ACCEPT  loc     fw      tcp     7122
ACCEPT  net     loc     tcp     1720
ACCEPT  loc     net     tcp     1720
ACCEPT  loc     net     tcp     30000:30010
ACCEPT  loc     net     udp     5000:5003
ACCEPT  loc     net     udp     5010:5013
ACCEPT  net     loc     tcp     389
ACCEPT  net     loc     tcp     522
ACCEPT  net     loc     tcp     1503
ACCEPT  net     loc     tcp     1731
ACCEPT  net     loc     tcp     1024:65535
ACCEPT  loc     net     tcp     1024:65535
ACCEPT  net     loc     udp     1024:65535
ACCEPT  loc     net     udp     1024:65535

But it still doesn't work. I'm using Gnomemeeting or Netmeeting, 
depends, I dual boot. The other party is always using Netmeeting.


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