[Shorewall-newbies] firewall setup problems! newbie please helpasap!

Ron Shannon rshannon at cruzcom.com
Sat Dec 6 13:52:11 PST 2003

You wrote:

> i await your speedy reply ............
> Sheldon Steele

This isn't going to be speedy. There is so little information in your question that I am suspecting not. Have you read the Shorewall documentation? Unfortunately, this list is not a general free security design service, especially if you haven't tackled the documentation, Quick Start Guides, etc.

You write of servers and services that are needed/desired, but with no description of what firweall or network zones they're located in... and very little else. We cannot help you troubleshoot your existing problems -- or even tell if you have problems. The fact you believe something was hacked doesn't necessarily mean there was a firewall problem, or an issue that can be solved with a properly configured firewall. At a minimum, you need to describe the existing network architecture, and include your current Shorewall configuration files.


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