[Shorewall-newbies] firewall setup problems! newbie please help asap!

Sterling Martin oilfield123 at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 6 21:28:17 PST 2003

Help! i'm a newbie at this firewall stuff  and  my system was hacked and i 
need to get this fixed asap.... i am using the leaf shorewall firewall 
program on disk... kinda scary if you ask me ( i didn't set it up)  the guy 
that set it up originally is gone... can someone please tell me how to set 
up the rules file to block all access to my mail servers & gateways  at the 
firewall and send all incoming mail to one of the gateways ... i use postfix 
and amdvisa , spammassin etc on a primary and backup mail gateway that 
forwards the mail ( after it has been cleaned up) to a seperate mail server 
box with imail on it...

my webserver got hacked and i want ( i NEED is more like it :)  to block all 
access to that server except for SSL, http and some ftp  can you tell me how 
to "code" that rule ... i was reading the docs (which is greek to me) but 
everything seems to point to allowing things in ...not blocking ..is that 

one last question.... i see it has allow ping to server by "default" ... 
isn't that something you'd want turned off?  not allowed... what useful 
purpose does that serve... i was going to turn it off but wasn't sure what 
effect that may have on the operation of my system.... can i turn that off 
without hurting anything...

thanks GREATLY in advance!

i await your speedy reply ............

Sheldon Steele

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