[Shorewall-newbies] Make "no-response"

Oivind.Hundal at kj.uib.no Oivind.Hundal at kj.uib.no
Sat Dec 6 00:27:32 PST 2003

Thanx for answering me

I have activated shorewall. And then NFS is not functioning on my internal 
network. I want to have that possibility that my "firewall box" ( on 
my internal network) also can have /home/directories which the other boxes in my 
network can access. All the Linux boxes in the network have their specific home 
directories, and also the WinMe box. I also want to have a directory which all 
machines can access.

Now when i try to mount from, the latter can not find 
the former. The NFS export on .1 does seem to function, but .2 can not find .1

I found here that specific ports would have to be opened in order to have NFS 
(on my internal network) fuinction properly. But then I do not want the ports to 
be opened to the internet.


Oivind H

Sitat Troy Arnold <troy at troyandtina.com>:

> Francesca makes a good point..  
> Also I don't quite understand where you are trying to access the NFS Share
> from?  In the short answer, you can't make a rule in SW that's says allow
> access to x port but don't allow anyone to probe it.  If a port is open it's
> open.  Now the only thing you can do is make a rule as to what SERVICE can
> access the open port.  Example, just because port 22 is open does not mean
> the service SSH is going to use it.  Just remember in this case port 22 is
> the standard port for SSH but really anything can use it, just like SSH can
> use almost any port it wants.
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> Hello
> I have to open specific ports in order to get NFS working. Can I then make a
> shorewall rule so that probing these ports from the internet, results in no 
> response (i.e. to the internet, they do not seem to be open)?
> Newbie Oivind Hundal
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