[Shorewall-devel] our servers as mirror of the Shorewall in Brazil.

Diretoria - Security Opensource diretoria at securityopensource.org.br
Sat May 17 13:16:40 PDT 2003

SECURITY OPEN SOURCE, is a Non Governmental Organization (ONG) without profit 
ends, located in Brasilia, capital of the Federative Republic of Brazil and has 
included among its objectives:  

Development and  integration of products and software for information security 
based on the idea of free software, with open code (free software & open 
source), independence of platform and flexibility of improvement, being able to 
be used in a free form for companies and entities that want to use the concept 
of Free Software to implement these solutions in its establishments.  

Promotion of studies and research, development of alternative technologies, 
production of scientific and technical knowledge, spreading of information 
providing technical and  support services by specialized technicians for its 
associates organizations and the community.

SECURITY OPEN SOURCE dedicates its activities to execution of projects, 
programs or plans of action, by donation of physical, human and financial 
resources, or intermediate services of support to other non-profit 
organizations and the agencies of the public sector that act in similar areas.  

We found in Shorewall a secure and efficient solution easy to use developing 
Firewall and would like to participate on the project, also we would like to 
offer our services to translate tutorials and  manuals of the Shorewall and use 
our servers as mirror of the Shorewall in Brazil.  

diretoria at securityopensource.org.br

Best Regards;

Brasilia, 16 of may of 2003

Waldemar Nehgme González

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